• John Deere Doffers
John Deere Doffers

John Deere Doffers

Manufactured with urethane (not rubber), genuine John Deere doffers help you pick cleaner, reduce cotton contamination, and better balance operations at higher speeds. In addition to being heat and oil resistance, our OEM doffers are manufactured to provide superior abrasion resistance and consistent wear rates.

Our cotton picker doffer is applicable to John Deer cotton picker models CP690, 7660, 9996, and 9976. It is made using a superior quality polyurethane material with a long service life and excellent wear-resistance. The doffer lugs also effectively remove seed cotton from the spindles using a stripping motion, with dust particles generated by friction easily removed in the grinding process. The cotton picker is designed to increase the production capacity of your cotton field.
The doffer features a high quality steel structure with a standard thickness of 3.33mm, which perfectly matches the doffer disk.
The doffer also uses steel plates with a hardness of HV230. This ensures the doffer features a high strength, hardness, and excellent elasticity to eliminate any deformation problems during operation.
The Polyurethane and steel plates use high quality adhesives for binding, ensuring a strong structure with no risk of degumming.
The Polyurethane elastomer is made using imported materials that have been processed by internationally known, advanced production equipment.
Excellent material wear-resistance.
The doffer has a long service life, and is designed to increase cotton picker and cotton field production capacity.


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