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Hay Bale Forks Hay Bale Forks Hay Bale Forks Hay Bale Forks Hay Bale Forks

Hay Bale Forks

  • material: high-strength spring steel

Features & Details

  • [STURDY & ROBUST]- This hay bale spear is made of high-strength spring steel and is suitable for bales of any size, very durable in applications. It can support capacities up to 3000 Ibs and excels in agriculture. After high-temperature heat treatment, it is not easy to deform and is stronger.

  • [SOLID CONSTRUCTION]The 3 point spear easily penetrates the bale with the 39" square hay spear. The M30 thread connected to the assembled bracket makes the whole structure more stable and firm. The steel plate of the bracket is cut by laser, and the surface is smooth.

  • [SPECIAL TREATMENT]- The spear forged in a high-temperature environment, and with a specific spraying process, has red paint all around it, stamped with the United Bale Spear logo, durable in use and good-looking in appearance.

  • [EASY TO INSTALL & USE]-With unique design for lawn mowers and tractors. You can turn the skid steer into a multifunctional machine. You can pick up a lot of hay with it and can be used on the farm. This is a good tool for lifting hay and can quickly replace it on the front of the tractor.

  • [WIDE APPLICATION]- Equipped with two 39" hay bale spears and a tractor-trailer receiving hitch, you can use it for hay attachments, grapples, buckets, and other non-slip steering and tractor attachments. And It widely used in agricultural and construction equipment to improve performance excellent efficiency and time-saving.

Friendly Note ❤

  • The hay spear kits may be in different stocks, so they may be sent separately. .

Hay Bale Forks(图1)

Sturdy & Durable

The spear made of high-quality spring steel material. After the heat treatment, it became more stable in shape and more durable in use.

Hay Bale Forks(图2)

Powerful Capacity

The hay spear can support up to 3,000 Ibs and can pick up a lot of hay. The hay spear attachment is designed ideally for lifting hay bales, which can save more time and improve efficiency.

Hay Bale Forks(图3)

Solid Construction

The whole structure is sturdy, with 2 square 39" hay spears that easily penetrate the bale. The brackets are fixed with M30 threads and can be connected tightly. Laser cutting leaves a smooth surface.

Hay Bale Forks(图4)

Special Treatment

The 39" spear has a heat treatment and a spraying process, with the red painting, it has a stunning appearance and can catch more haystacks as much as possible.

Hay Bale Forks(图5)

Easy to Install & Use

This 3 point hay spear uses a replaceable 39-inch long blade spick, which is easy to install and replace. With a complete set of components, it is very convenient to use and install.

Hay Bale Forks(图6)

Wide Application

This spear is perfect for moving large round hay bales around your property when there is much livestock to feed or farm work to do. It can be used in hay attachments, grapples, buckets, and other skid-steer and tractor attachments in agriculture.

3 Point Hay Spear 39" Spick 3000 Ibs Capacity Tractor

This 3 point hay spear, used high-quality and durable spring steel, with two 39" hay bale spears, has a powerful capacity and solid construction, showing excellent performance and high efficiency in farming and agriculture. And It’s widely applied in both commercial places and households by its distinctive features and convenience.

  • Heavy Duty & Durable Materials

  • Solid Construction

  • Special Treatment

  • Easy to Install & Use

Package Content:


  • Color: Red

  • Product Dia: 26*18 inch/ 66*46 cm (W*H)

  • Length: 39"/ 99cm

  • Capacity: 3000lb/1360kg

  • Total Weight: 58 lbs / 26.36 kg

  • Fits: Category 0,1 tractors

Package Content

  • 1 x 7/8 Cat 1 Lifting Pin

  • 1 x Fully Welded HD Sleeves

  • 2 x 39" long 3,000 lbs Hay Spear

  • 1x 36 Structural Steel Tubing

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