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  • Notched Disc Blades
Notched Disc Blades Notched Disc Blades

Notched Disc Blades

Disc Blades

  •  Boron steel.

  •  Hardness: 48 +/2 HRC guaranteed via the use of an automatic control system in heat treatment. This hardness ensures flexibility and the ability to absorb impacts without breaking, providing the disc a longer life-span, even in the most severe soil conditions.

  •  Lathed, precise and uniform edges, obtaining optimal soil penetration.

  •  Surpasses the hardness test.

  •  Discs are used for harrow and ploughs.

Agep manufacture notched disc blades in China. dealing with clients across the globe. We are known for manufacturing notched disc blades in different diameter and thickness sizes that fit our client’s unique requirements - perfectly. Our workforce is highly experienced, trained and uses high quality boron steel to manufacture efficient notched disc blades that are perfect for penetrating different layers of the soil efficiently.

Our notched disc blades offer significant benefits in certain soil conditions as there is continuous circumference over which blade notches are spread evenly. Featuring resistance to heat, increased sharpness, excellent finish and a longer wear life, these notched disc blades are sure to yield maximum performance at agricultural operations by handling the most extreme ground situations effectively.

Every scallop disc blade go through rigorous quality assurance tests to make sure that they are of the superior quality with accurate dimensions, robustness and low maintenance. As notched disc blades suppliers India, we deliver products at cost effective prices and in quick turnaround time.

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